Marginalisation Of Igbos: Army Deploys Igbo-only Squad For Deadly Mission


In Nigeria today, marginalisation, intimidation and Injustice are the order of the day. I have recently uncovered a story involving the Nigerian Army which is a very controversial one and it illustrates just how badly this discriminating attitude has eaten into the Nigerian system.

Note: Nigerian Army has debunked this news thus far however important news websites such as and Co still carry the info as well as many other media outlets so it all points to the genuinety of the information.
Besides, in recent times, Nigerian Army has conducted near secret Burials for soldiers who died fighting against Boko Haram in Borno state and many of the deceased are Igbos.

The News report goes this way

According our source, 82 Division Nigerian Army Enugu were giving a mandate to shortlist about 54 soldiers to join hands and combat Niger Delta Militants uprising, which the GOC Brigadier Gen Ibrahim Attahiru assigned to two commanders who hails from Northern and another from South Western Nigeria respectively.

But owing to disunity, nepotism and tribalism that beclouds the Nation Nigeria, these commanders shortlisted all 54 Igbo soldiers.

One of the enlisted Soldier who was saddened by the outcome of this list questioned the process used to enlist only Igbo Soldiers to this mission of death. The commander picked offense and demanded to know what gave him the audacity to question him, talk more off conceiving to disobey a military order.

The said Commander in display of anger pulled out his gun and shot this young soldier on the forehead, killing him instantly. Another soldier who is among the enlisted soldiers immediately withdrew his own gun and fired the commander thereby killing him too. He then directed the gun on the second commander.

It became a war ground as soldiers all surrendered themselves.

What kind of Marginalisation is this please?

It’s unheard of in countries with real leadership. 54 out of 54 soldiers deployed from a tribe that constitutes the minor population of the Nigerian Army.

Yes, I am very much aware that there are more soldiers of Northern origin than we have from the south.
It takes a system that has been deeply deteriorated by corruption, tribalism to make such a move hence one can rule a simple and concise conclusion void of all doubts that the Nigerian Army harbors some overwhelming tendency to marginalize the numerical weaker tribe.

Another Case of Marginalisation of Igbos in the Army – Uncontrolled shooting by soldiers marginally deployed to Borno

Read through this short text. This is a recent event covered by nearly all reputable news outlets in Nigeria

Soldiers of the Special Force deployed to Borno State for the counterinsurgency operation have been shooting at the Maiduguri airport.

The soldiers also barricaded the airport gate for since 6:15 p.m., firing shots sporadically into the air and forcing many residents around the area to flee.

The Sun gathered that the shootings were protests against redeployment of the soldiers from Maiduguri to another location at the northern part of Borno State.

The Evil Segregation and Dividedness in Nigeria army

Sometimes I wonder if this army can face an enemy since they can’t even control themselves from within

Imagine soldiers being deployed and they are openly showing their anger over such ill deployment?
It tells you that something is wrong somewhere .

Obviously, only a sloppy management in the military will redeploy soldiers to a more heated zone when they are meant to get some break while other soldiers take over.
Such is the case of marginalisation we see in Nigerian Army today.
I don’t think anyone needs to think thrice before understanding that the soldiers in question are majorly from the Igbo tribe again.
Well, you may doubt that but if you know Nigeria as much as I do, you’ll not doubt me.

The effects of this Level of Tribalism in our Defense Forces

Am afraid that if we do not contain this level of marginalisation, one day, we shall wake up to hear that the entire army is boiling and this will definitely sprinkle down to the citizens who are unarmed.

It’s not enough that
Most southern soldiers that are ranking high in the military are being forcefully RETIREDTop positions in the Nigerian Army is reserved for the Northern stockAdmission into Nigerian Army is much more tougher in the eastern / Igbo region than elsewhere in the countryThey have also brought the issue of discriminatory deployment. I am sure it will not go on for too long before something goes very messy unless of course it is corrected with immediate effect and good speed but in a country like this where corruption is the order of the day and marginalisation is not new, I doubt that anyone will make a move to correct this menace

All together, This level of marginalisation is what fuels the quest for Biafra freedom from Nigeria and I am sure that even the Igbo soldiers in the army are now secretly singing the Biafran songs!



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