When will APC stop being stupid?


Things are looking more interesting by the day as politics is being played in its most extreme form in the country.

How did Nigeria politicians become so wicked, heartless, incentive, arrogant, manner less, etc, is the common question being asked by Nigerians on almost daily basis.

It is believed that democracy ought to make life better for the citizens who are free to chose their representatives. However, it seem democracy is not working for Nigerians. The question of who the next wolf in sheep clothing, will win the next election, is already creating fear and discouragement among electorates.

We can all agree thats today’s Nigeria is in a serious mess! Lots of budget yet the masses are not safe! It is no longer Boko Haram, terrorists herdsmen, but our own leaders who can kill to have their way. It’s almost like the life of the ordinary Nigerian no longer matters.

The latest APC apologist who like his fellow colleagues in the ruling party, expressed his level of “foolishness” in the eyes of Nigerians, is Chief Tony Momoh.

Momoh who brands the South East as dem of robbers while tagging the West as home to 419ners, suggests that crimes in both southern regions are much worse than those committed by killer herdsmen.

Are you surprised? Typical APC for you. But here are some reactions Momoh’s statement generated.



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