Nigerian Men Should Impregnate Us Else We Will Hit The Street To Demostrate ~ Nigerian Military Women


Some group of military women reported to be Nigerian have hinted to hit the street soon if men do not approach them for marriage proposals.

According to the information picked, these female soldiers are in dire need of men who they can also call their husbands.

The most intriguing aspect of all is that, these women want to have babies of their own after making so much money now.

Sadly, the Nigerian men are scared to approach them for marriage leaving them frustrated and devastated.

The information didn’t stated the date and time for their intended protest.

Do you think Nigerian men are fear for which reason they can’t propose to military women? Leave your comments below.



  1. actually I love millitery ladies because there are the best.. But they are too busy serving Nigeria.. They will not have time for the family also most of them I have met seems so proud and rude.. That’s all I noticed..

  2. This Is The Kind Of Opportunity Am Looking For But I Don’t Have Any One Yet. Let Them Bring Their Ego Down For Good Men To Look At Them. ( 08038849310 )

  3. That’s absurd! Yet, a culture far removed from mine. I’d love to marry one of them. I’m a former American soldier. 82nd Airborne Division

  4. Because they are too imprudent and harsh.. the way they insult people around. and treat people like trash, I strongly believe that if they came down.. their man will come for them.. Am even interested in them

  5. I in person have been looking for a military woman for a serious relationship and if this story is real, pls where are the single military ladies cos i need to settle down with one.

  6. But we hardly see d military ladies so how do we ask dem out n mostly dey form alot like say de be undertaker. As for me I will like to marry 1

  7. well no man is afraid of them, to me they are too busy to be approach they hardly come out to the public and they don’t have any social media page to reach out to them, so to me I think the best way to solve this is to have a social media page where men can have a chat with them and maybe dating

  8. How do you expect the guys to come and approach you people when you have no such time and if mistakenly that happens you guys will use your power as a solder to disgrace the person. You can’t say men should come for you when that chance you look for can not be given to you because of your male solders. If you want to marry then you bring yourselves down.

    No one wants to die nor earn an embarrassment from you guys.


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