President Buhari orders the deployment of 1000 strong security force to go after killer bandits in Zamfara


President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the deployment of a 1000 strong military force to launch attacks on the bandits terrorizing villages and towns in Zamfara State.

The special force which comprises of army, air force, police and civil defence are to go against the gang that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people in the state.

This development was revealed in a statement issued on Sunday by Mr. Garba Shehu, the President’s spokesman.

He noted that the air force had already begun the deployment of fighter aircraft to Katsina which is the airport closest to the state. He added that “this had not been possible in the past because there was no fuel depot facility in Katsina, but NAF has devised a way around the problem.”

Also, Buhari reportedly authorized the engagement of advanced satellite surveillance technology to help accurate detention of movement and locations of bandits.

“The government had to go to this extent because of the limitations of conventional surveillance, as the use of satellite technology could make the task of NAF less problematic.

“Following directives from the president, at the weekend, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Sadiq Abubakar, was in Gusau where he met the Deputy Governor of the State.”

“It will be recalled that since his election, the president has kept faith with his promises to re-equip and motivate the country’s military and other security services.

“The army and other security services are now better equipped and motivated to face the challenges of their responsibilities,” Shehu said.

“The presidency, therefore, appeals to all Nigerians to unite and speak with one voice on security issues and urges politicians to stop exploiting national security challenges.

“Those praying for the president to fail in this effort can be likened to one stabbing oneself in the heart and celebrating about it,” he added.

He further urged citizens not to reduce the issue of security to petty politics as it would only embolden the terrorists and the bandits.

“We therefore appeal to members of the Nigerian media to avoid unhelpful and deleterious sensationalism in the coverage of events that border on national security.

“The media should under no circumstances make the bandits or terrorists feel like super stars because doing so could hurt all of us.

“Terrorists seek to achieve maximum publicity and they do so by launching large scale attacks on soft targets and the media must resist every attempt to play into their hands unwittingly,” Mr. Shehu said.



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