3 things you shouldn’t tell a man


A couple experiencing issues in their relationship.

Words can hurt men more than kicks and stubs and ladies should know this to the deepest level.

You should think before you talk something sensitive to your man. There are words that completely break a man’s heart and here are a few of them;

1. You are not strong enough

Telling a man that he is not strong enough will only make him feel inadequate even if it is the plain truth.

It is not wise to tell a man that he is not strong enough to make it right for you.

A man’s brain will interpret these words as being weak and unfulfilling.

The next time you say this to him be sure things might end abruptly between you two.

2. Your friend is so charming

Why should you say this in the first place? If his friend is charming and you feel attracted to him you don’t have to let him know this.

It hurts a man when his own woman praises another man.

Before you say such words to him remember that all he’ll conclude is that you are attracted to his friend more than him.

3. Why can’t you be like so and so’s boyfriend

Comparing your man to your friend’s boyfriend isn’t right.

You loved him when he was that way (unless he changed).

Trying to change your man to be like someone else will literally kill the relationship.

Learn to cope with what is yours and be proud of him the way he is. Don’t try to change him.



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