Vote Buhari at your own peril, Kalu warns Ndigbo


The Director General of Atikulated Agenda 2019, Chief Emeka Kalu has warned that the greatest mistake Ndigbo would make in the coming elections was to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari. Kalu was reacting to an alleged request by some gubernatorial aspirants from Imo State who asked Igbos in the diaspora to vote for Buhari last week in the United States.

In a press statement by the leadership of the organisation, Kalu wondered why anyone in his right mind would recommend Buhari for a second term, especially if the person is Igbo. He said: “It has become necessary to speak to my an Igbo brothers and sisters regarding the coming elections.

I understand that some people are going about instigating Ndi Igbo to vote Buhari in 2019. Although our people cannot be convinced to associate with the enemy, let me also warn that the coming evil from his government will be greater than the former. Rejecting him in 2015 was the best decision we made and we must stand our ground. Why will anyone in his right mind even consider Buhari for a second term?

If you didn’t see the evils against Igbo from his government, can’t you also hear other people lamenting? “Ndigbo must reject Buhari and ensure their votes go to a better leader, who will wipe away our tears and make sure that our lands are developed, our voices are heard and killing of our sons stopped Voting for Buhari will be a monumental mistake that will cost us all we have. It’s a mistake we must never make.

“The overwhelming partiality of the government against us is overwhelming. We must rise up and ensure that it stops by voting for a better party, a better candidate,” he advised.



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