Femi Fani-Kayode: Weep not for Fayose, weep for Nigeria


“When Fayose won in 2014, the whole of Ekiti erupted with joy. In 2018 the APC “won” and all the streets of Ekiti are looking so gloomy. The people are sad because their will has been truncated”- Adeolu Daramola.

My friend and brother, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state, is not infallible. He is not an angel and like every other mortal, he has his own fair share of faults, excesses and shortcomings.

We do not agree on everything and neither do we always share the same opinion on matters of state and policy.

I should add this: some of his friends are my sworn enemies and some of my friends are his, yet nothing and no-one can come between us.

That is the nature of our covenant and deep bond which has its roots well above politics, which was borne through our shared love of the Living God and the Gospel of Christ and which was established and forged by the blood of Jesus.

Our differences in terms of style and approach only brings us closer and serves to make our friendship stronger. And despite his regular displays of strong emotions, what a profoundly good and insightful man he is.

In terms of courage, compassion, decency, the love of his people and a yearning for truth and justice he stands head above shoulder virtually every other political leader in the country.

And permit me to add this: even if I am the only one left in the country that is willing to do so, I will stand by him till the end.

That is the nature of the man that the Buhari administration robbed, beat, slapped, humiliated and insulted last week and that they are now planning to utterly destroy.

Yet despite the abysmal behaviour and shameless criminality of INEC, the ruling-APC and Buhari’s minions during the conduct of the governo



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