Plateau attacks: Ezeife inputs unique interpretation to herdsmen killings


A former governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has insinuated that the recent spate of killings in various parts of the North Central zone of the country was allegedly calculated to reduce the population of Christian voters ahead of the 2019 general elections.

He also claimed that there were ongoing plot to islamize the country through the killings.

“I must say that some of us the older ones were never thinking of anything other than one Nigeria but after looking at the gory pictures of happenings in Plateau State especially, I am afraid for the future of the country,” he told the Sun.

“The killings are continuing and it appears some people have decided to reduce the Christian voting population and the motive is the Islamisation of the country.

“The most disturbing aspect is that the chairman of Miyetti Allah had the guts to come to the public to own up what happened and is happening.

“He said it was in retaliation for the rustling and killing of their cows. We do not know when their cows were killed but even if cows were killed, we do not equate them with human beings.

“Are we the same types of human beings? How can some people have such callous, beastly insensitivity to other human beings. Obviously, the government is part of the whole show.

“If not, there is no way Miyetti Allah chairman can come out publicly to say what he said concerning what happened in Plateau.

“It shows that what T.Y Danjuma was saying was true but was not even the whole story. When you say a God’s blessed country, in every respect, the climate, the material and human resources, we have it, and the rest of Africa and all blacks are looking toward us for prestige, respect and dignity.

“But when



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