Italy’s new hardcore government warns the Muslim world that not a single boat of refugees will be accepted into the country anymore


Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister, announced in a press conference that he wants to block migrant arrivals by boat completely.

“The aim is that not one more person arrives by boat on Italian shores,” Salvini said in a joint press conference with his guest Ahmed Maiteeq, Libya’s current vice president.

Salvini continued: “Since we made our position known, in recent hours there has not been a single ship of these so-called humanitarian associations in Libyan waters.”

The Interior Minister added in a Facebook post that he wants to help and give more attention to ‘real refugees’ in the country. At the same time Salvini wants to speed up deportations of illegals.

During his election campaign, Salvini said as leader of the Lega party, that he wants to deport half a million migrants.



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