Four body parts you are not cleaning properly


African man shaving his beards.

Cleanness is next to Godliness. It’s a special moment that is meant for enjoyment.

Many people have developed a habit of using less time cleaning their body. They don’t know that a quick shower can cause bacteria buildup in areas you don’t take time to scrub.

Here are four body parts you are not cleaning properly:

Behind the ears

Cleaning all parts of your body is a good idea. Many people concentrate on washing their face and forget what lies behind.

The back of your ear is a hidden part of your body that really collects lots of bacteria. This is because sebaceous gland secretes a sebum that keeps your skin moist. Clean properly to avoid a stinky smell.


Cleanliness is what we have been taught since childhood. Many people use less time to wash their hands without scrubbing areas beneath their fingernail.

What you should know is that our fingernails can carry harmful bacteria that cause vomiting and diarrhea. Always take time to wash your hands after visiting the toilet.

Bottom of your feet

Bottom of your feet is one of the hidden parts of your body. It’s a rare part that many people ignore when cleaning their body. Always try to sock your leg in a tub of warm water and scrub it gently using a pumice stone.

It will make them look smart and more attractive.


It’s always good to take your time washing your hair. Many women forget to clean their scalp after shampooing their hair.

They care less about the end effect of their assumption. Improper care could lead to an itchy flaky scalp which can be a nightmare. Regular cleanliness is a better way to address scalp problem.



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