Youths kick off moves to unseat President Buhari in 2019


– The youths under the group IRG say that they are inaugurating their executives and getting ready for the elections in 2019

– The group’s national coordinator Lukman describes the youths as the ‘Fresh Force’ that will change Nigeria’s political scene in 2019

– IRG says it will soon unveil its youthful candidate for the 2019 election in Abuja

Nigerian youths under the umbrella body of Intellectual Revolution Group (IRG) have kicked off moves to find a younger replacement for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

This is after the Nigerian leader signed the revolutionary Not Too Young To Run bill into law early in June 2018.

The IRG declared its readiness to produce a younger leader at Arewa House, Kaduna on Saturday, June 30 while inaugurating its state executives and zonal leadership for the North West zone.

The Nation reports that the IRG said it is going ahead with its plans despite President Buhari’s plea with the youths not to contest against him in 2019 as he signed the bill into law.

President Buhari signing the Not Too Young To Run bill into law in June to the delight of youths in attendance who now want him out.

The youths said they will soon make a national declaration in Abuja to unveil their presidential candidate for 2019 elections.

National Coordinator of IRG, Salaudeen Lukman declared IRG’s position, saying that 2019 will produce a younger president with record performance and determination.

He said: “Our resolve includes mobilizing our teeming youth to form strong ideological political movement that will support ‘Young President’ come 2019.

“We are aware of ‘First Force’, the Assembly of liars and deceivers, like wise the ‘Second Force’ the assembly of looters, suspects on trial for corruption and other criminal related matters, we equally believe that the newly formulated ‘Third Force’ is a gathering of aggrieved First and Second Force, expired political elites who are desperate to kajole Nigerians again to smuggle themselves into power.

“Therefore, we rise to appear as ‘Fresh Force’ with total commitment to birth A New Nigeria. We declare recycling of politicians on position of power unacceptable hence we call for its end.

“Today we have just inaugurated all state executives for the North West States and the zonal leadership, we shall replicate same for other five zones and continue to mobilise young Nigerian to actualise ‘Young President’ come 2019 with national declaration soonest in Abuja to unveil our Presidential candidate for 2019 and fresh people in all positions of power.”

He added that in 2019, the youths will not allow imposition of candidates on them by political elites of the older generation.

“We have observed in the recent the coalition of old retired military personnel who are imposing themselves on Nigerians under the guise of repentant democrats to rule us by force again even when they lack innovative programmes and idea to improve our dear citizenry’s living standard.

“This necessitates our rise as young Nigerians with passion to make Nigeria work again by taking the bull by the horn and champion the course for New Nigeria.

“The new Nigeria of our dream is a great united Nation where Justice, equity, transparency, rule of law and prosperity for all irrespective of religion, tribe or background will be hallmark. We believe it is achievable with commitment of all young Nigerians to this New Nigeria project.”

Meanwhile, reported that former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is reportedly leading an alliance of ex-generals plotting against President Buhari ahead of the 2019 elections.

It is said that the former generals are working against Buhari’s re-election in 2019 due to their differences with him.

According to a source, the former military leaders are building “a strong coalition against Buhari’s second term ambition in 2019.”



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