Igbo’s Should smiles less, we are coming over to their land, and theirs will be catastrophic – Miyetti Allah


We Are Cheated, There Will Be No Peace Until Herdsmen Are Given Justice – Miyetti Allah

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has given reasons there’ll be no peace in the land.

The group said this while berating Fulani lawmakers in the National Assembly for failing to protect the interest of herdsmen.

The Secretary- General of the group, Saleh Al-Hassan, said this during an interview on Channel Television’s Sunrise Daily, on Friday.

According to Al-Hassan, “Our elite have failed to protect us. Our National Assembly members that are of Fulani background are just there collecting money.

“They can’t protect their people. They don’ t want to come out to say the truth.”

Al-Hassan said that any attempt to chase them out of the country would fail, adding that there would not be peace until those who feel cheated are given justice.

He added, “If you have injustice in the land, you can only end up with negativity. There is nowhere you will find citizens being denied their economic rights and then you expect that there will be peace in that kind of place. What we are saying is give us a share of the land resources in this country.”

He further claimed that herdsmen were the victims of the killings in Plateau and Benue states, saying no one had been brought to book for the killings of Fulani in Plateau State.

He said it was for this reason that the group decided to drag the state government before the ECOWAS court , where he said they were claiming N40 billion for the killing of 5,000 herdsmen on the Plateau.

“So, no Berom man should begin to raise any moral justification. They are the ones that don’t want peace,” he added.



  1. Bare faced lieers,what land and what resources are they talking about.These Fulani invaders needs to be tamed.Can you imagine a man trying to claim another mans land and justying himself lfor it.These people are plain trouble makers.Other Nigerians should really prepare agains the or wicked machinations.

  2. let that idiot ask question abot east before talking nonsense what land he talk about from chad niger mali you want land from another mans land. when this war will start believe me fulanis will run back where they come from. mark my words


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