4 things every woman wants from her man but will never say


Things women want from their men but will never say

Women are known to speak out their minds, unlike men who find it really hard to talk about what they want in relationships. But there are things that women also find difficult to ask of the men they love and just hope that the men can figure them out on their own and do the needful.

Every woman wants these four things so badly but unfortunately, she might never ask you to do it;

Be a good communicator

Women love it when you can communicate and simply speak out your mind just like she does. She wants you to say it when you are angry with her rather than behaving indifferently and treating her coldly yet she has no idea what is going on. Most women hate it when they have to force you to speak out and wish that you could spare them some energy used in trying to extract information from you. They just do not know how to tell you to do it.

Surprise her

Who hates surprises anyway especially when it is from the person we love? Never expect your woman to tell you that she wants you to surprise her because she will never do that. She expects that you know and you should thus do it. A surprise does not have to be something expensive but just a small act that shows you love and care. Once in a while, get her some flowers, a chocolate or send her a love message in the mid of the night so it will be the first thing she sees when she wakes up.

Stop talking to your ex

Let your ex be your ex. Even if she does not say it, she does not like it that you are still in touch even if you are just friends. Most men will insist that there is nothing wrong with being friends with their ex but everything is wrong to women when you keep in touch with your ex-lovers.

Define the relationship

This is one thing that most men do not like doing but it really matters to women. She wants to know the direction of the relationship and whatever intentions you have so that she does not commit herself to someone who is not ready for a commitment. Make your intentions clear from the beginning so that you both know the limits of your relationship.



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