5 things girls regret doing for their boyfriends after a break up


Couples tend to be on the losing end when the relationship fails. But a girl will regret so much if he had a lot of hopes for the relationship.

Breaking up with someone you gave everything is so unfortunate. It leaves one with a bunch of regrets only wishing that time could turn back so as to correct but it’s impossible. Girls tend to be on the losing end when this happens and they remain regretting:

S*x: Especially if the guy they are breaking up with was the lucky person to run away with their virginity. Girls tend to think that they have been used only to be dumped.
Staying as a wife: It sounds pathetic when the girl is thrown out of a house she was staying with her boyfriend as a wife. When this thought crosses the girl’s mind, she feels ‘stupid’ and regret comes in.
Doing house chores for the man: When the man of the house decides that you are persona non grata in his residence, one thinks about how she used to struggle washing those mud laced trousers for the man who is chasing her away, regrets become so overwhelming.
Providing in the house: When people start staying together or seeing each other, they vow to be a pillar of support for the other significant half.

But in the long run, when things don’t work out and you break up, the woman regrets supporting his man when providing in the house was supposed to be the responsibility of the man, as a result, she feels wasted.
Being faithful: When a woman loves she loves for real, but in life there comes a time when you have to move on, the girl will certainly feel demeaned when she remembers that she was loyal to a man who has turned his back on her. This sets the pace for regrets and wild thoughts.



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