Before I will be jailed, I will Expose the hiding truth in Nigeria – Obasanjo to Buhari


The Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has been more democratic than the three previous presidents before him, including Olusegun Obasanjo.

Mr Akin Malaolu, the Secretary-General of the forum said this in a statement on Saturday in Abuja.

The Forum was reacting to recent alarm by Obasanjo that plans were being plotted to frame him by the Buhari-led APC government.

Malaolu, who described Obasanjo’s alarm as strange, said: “if anything at all was tormenting him, it must be karma that knows his face and has his addresses.”

“If Civil Society Organisations call for Nigeria’s anti corruption agencies to urgently revisit the 16 billion dollars Obasanjo Electricity and Power Development Contracts, will that now be deemed that Buhari is plotting to kill Obasanjo.

“When Obasanjo was calling on Nigerians not to re-elect Buhari come 2019, there was nothing seen as wrong with his inciting and national destabilisation acts and declarations,” Malaolu said.

He recalled that when Obasanjo was in power, nobody could have tried to do to him what he had been doing to bring down successive governments.

According to him, it is now obvious that the posthumous national recognition and honour given Chief M.K.O. Abiola by Buhari and the declaration of June 12, as Democracy Day have become the rudest shock for Obasanjo to bear.

He added that Obasanjo had forgotten that he and many officers were unwilling guests at the country’s diverse detention facilities because of their unbecoming and national destabilisation acts during late Gen. Sani Abacha’s military regime.

The forum’s scribe, however, said that it was time to let the likes of Obasanjo to understand that without them, Nigeria would be a better country to live in.

“We must caution Nigerians not to allow themselves get hoodwinked by liars in the country, who know how to turn things around and make it seem like they loved the truth for the sake of the truth.

“Nigerians must not be quick to believe what Obasanjo said, because lies spread quicker than the truth,” he said.



  1. At his age, Obasanjo should know better what he is doing. This country has been so good to him,yet he is undermining the country.

  2. I was reading Malaolu’s article and I was seeing reasonable points as articulated by the said scribe. But for the fact that he went on to describe Obasanjo and others for their political stand against late Sani Abacha’s dictatorship regime. And refered to them as unbecoming and destabilising the country during that dictatorship regime, Malaolu, only crowned himself as playing politics of vendetta.

    • So a trend he was trying to establish in his points of communication should now lack completeness because Abacha was a dictator which Obasanjo himself had been (a mentor)and probably which you Ibigo Ibigo Braide think should not be worthy of mention huh?
      Clear your head bro

  3. All I have to say is president buhari should please make sure that he expose all of them that don’t let this beautiful country. To moved forward president buhari his saying the truth 500b naira electricity were is the light 50m bribe for 3time agenda to house of representatives were is it all the money collected from general sani abasha were is it obasanjo is there talking nonsense

  4. It appears the cries of the few saints among us have received the attention of the Heavens. Its like the bubble is about to burst, it looks like the falcon is about ignoring the voice of the falconer! Eni ba LA IJA yi ko ni Jere! E n so nle!!!

  5. That’s means OBJ has accepted his wrong doings hereby pleading guilty to the offences leveled against him, so let him face the law of the land and anything he calls the truth now should be regarded as statements under duress, if the law sentenced him to jail thenet him face it, simple.

  6. Today insecurity , restructuring and poverty are the major problems facing the country now. The present government as failed to handle them. But looking for ways to gain a re- election. And so called Nigerians, who claimed to be enlighten, can not see that. Instead are fooling themselves. This government as failed, to effect the change they promised. Black and white.

    • Abeg try receive brain Mr English murderer. This shows how not enlightened you are. You are off the topic and your write up is not coordinated. Next time, go through what you want to post before spewing that rubbish in you.

  7. If am to be in Obasanjo shoe, I will let all nigeriian known what have been happening in this country, may be God wants him to confess all they have done to nigeria before leaving this evil world, remember there is no repentance in the grave.

  8. Please Obasanjo if you truly Love Nigeria. Reveal whatever secret you are hiding to save Nigeria before it is too late.

  9. God is about to vindicate the Igbos that the Fulani/YORUBA’s teamed up against, OBJ. Pls go ahead and exposed everybody, even Buhari is not exceptional, he will be exposed too.


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  11. Comment: see I don’t really care abt what OBJ has to say. the truth of the matter is dat Nigerians don’t want change, am not talking abt buhari change. we don’t want to stand up and help reshuffle the govt. Hw can we have a president who is over 80. let’s change things around here. abi are we not the leaders of tmao ni?

  12. No one is above GOD and in the grave there is no value of property and no repentance it is only for this life if those in the grave has opportunity that we have the would have repent and GOD can only show mercy for the living when repented and for sake our sinfull way and turn to GOD for a new life in hell a million days is like one day thanks

  13. A recent report on the 25 richest presidents in the world contains only two African presidents. The two are from Nigeria. It mentioned 1. Ibrahim Babangida with a net worth of $50b. 2. Obasanjo with a net worth of $42b. Whereas, the current USA president, Donald Trump has a net worth of $500m. Docile Nigerian citizens should wake up and ask questions rather wake up like chickens and go about their sufferings every day.


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