5 common mistakes ladies make when they fall in love too fast


Falling love is a beautiful thing but falling in love too quick can be overwhelming. When it comes to love, there are different types of women: the ones that fall in love fast, easily and those that protect their hearts. For the ladies who fall in love too fast, they assume that it is natural for them to take him to be the ‘one’. This creates excitement which could be one of the mistakes that they make. Here are the mistakes women make when they fall in love too fast:

1. They forget their friends

There is always this moment when a new love enters one’s life, they go low key from their friends, not turning up for all the fun meet-ups and activities. Once you begin canceling dates with your girlfriends because of him, that’s an indication that something is not right. Don’t neglect your girlfriends because of the new guy in your life, as you will still need them at crucial moments in life.

2. They compromise when they don’t have to

Just because you are in love does not mean that the man gets whatever he wants. It’s not a must! Make him aware of the boundaries and let it flow that way. This corrupts your own values and without realizing it, you end up being someone different.

3. They rush to have sex

Sex should never be rushed even if you are head over heels for each other. Rushing into bed because he is just ‘the one’ could be a huge love mistake. You need to know his sexual past, desires, and fantasies as these guide your expectations and trust.

4. They plan their entire life together

It does not hurt to think of the future together but that needs time first. It’s not realistic when you daydream about the fairytale wedding and the relationship is only three months old. Get to know each other first and focus on loving each other every day. Planning your entire life with someone you barely know is likely to leave you broken and empty when you get to realize you actually have different preferences in life.

5. They put his dreams first before theirs

As a girlfriend, you should support his dreams but this should not be at the expense of your own dreams and goals. In the relationship, you need to chase your dreams jointly as you encourage each other to achieve all the desires of your hearts. With that, it will keep the both of you on toes and ready to face any challenges that come in between.



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