6 things women need to avoid doing for men


It is not forbidden to love, but you can sacrifice yourself for the sake of the beloved one only in strictly exceptional situations! We tell you about something that you never and under no circumstances need to do for a man, if you plan to stay with him for a long time and to be infinitely happy.

Men are different, but the list of things that you should never do for them is the same. What should not we do for a man? Why do we dissolve in the beloved one? What is the reason for this behavior? Dissolving in another person, losing internal boundaries, a woman can generally forget who she really is.

There is nothing good in living, fulfilling only other people’s dreams and wishes. Such women do not live their life and their desires, this can be followed by fear of loneliness, and fear of being abandoned.

Look at 6 things women need to avoid doing for men:

#1. To help financially. Even if your beloved man has a hole instead of a purse, he was expelled from his job, and he can not find a new one, remember: work can always be found.

#2. Give expensive gifts. It does not make sense to present your lover with a python skin bag or a car. Giving expensive gifts you can only push him away, especially if he can not afford such luxury goods.

#3. Too much compassion. The problem is that unlike our half of humanity, a man does not feel a feeling of love for your compassion for him. Our problem is that it always seems to us that complaints are a sign of a deep relationship, because you drag him out of the depths of despair.

#4. Say “I told you”. Even if you are right a hundred times. Even if you are right a million times, and you warned him, warned and said what he should have done, but he dared to disobey you.

#5. Refuse from personal life and career. The more we dedicate our lives to our men, children, and home concerns, the sooner our beloved ones lose interest in us.

#6. Change appearance. Yes, of course, we passionately love to change ourselves. However, your man should take you for who you are and not to try to change yourself.

We at BetterMe want everyone to know and experience true love. It is out there for everyone and until it knocks on your door we are here to remind you that you deserve the best love!

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