How to know your relationship won’t lead to marriage


You’ve finally met your dream guy and your relationship appears to be going strong so much so that in your head the next phase is marriage. In fact, you’re already imagining how you will slay in your wedding dress, the Aso-ebi colour and your wedding hashtag sef.

But wait, is he equally dreaming of a future with you? Has he shown any sign that he would love to settle down with you some time soon? Find out here if your man has any intention to marry you or not.

4 signs he will not marry you

1. He’s full of “I love you” from day one

When you two first met, he said, “I love you” to you as if it were no big deal. He’s surely not serious. It’s easy to say I love you to someone, but much harder when you actually mean it. He won’t take this relationship seriously if he’s declaring his feelings to you on your first date.

2. You’re never seen on his social media

He has Instagram and Facebook, but you’re never seen on any of his social media. That’s a bad sign. In fact, it’s a sign that he will never marry you. If he were really into you, he’d be flaunting you all over his social media pages. But if this isn’t the case, he doesn’t want other people, especially other women, to know that he’s taken.

3. He’s not eager to meet your friends and family

He hasn’t met your family or friends and he’s not eager to. If you were interested in marrying someone, wouldn’t you want to know who their friends and family are? So, if he is not willing to get know your people, he’s really not interested in you.

4. Marriage discussions make him uncomfortable

When you dare to bring up the topic of someone else’s marriage, he becomes anxious and short-tempered. If this is his reaction, he’s not ready. He doesn’t even want to think about the idea of marriage. So, end the topic. And quite frankly, if you’re ready for marriage, end this relationship as well.



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