If you do these 3 things, you have a serious spending problem


Check this list, if you are guilty of any of these signs, you might be having a serious spending issue.

Spending problem can seriously affect your personal finance. (Moneycrashers)

Ever wonder how your salary develops wings and disappears quickly as soon as you receive it?

Or how your purse, pocket and everywhere you keep your money develops holes and leak away your hard earned money.

If you truly wonder how this happens, you might not really get it. But see, there is no wing or hole anywhere. The only explanation for this is that you have spending issues.

Spending problem can seriously affect your personal finance. It can injure your effort to gain financial freedom and condemn you to a financial wreck…if care is not taken.

This is why it is important you acknowledge these issues if you find yourself borrowing before payday.

These are three common signs that tell you have a serious spending problem.

1. When you have to hide your new purchases because you’re owing.

One of the signs that you have a very serious spending issue comes when you begin to hide your new purchases from your friends.

It is understandable to hide it because you don’t want them to come begging you to borrow them your new shoes, bags or dress.

However, it becomes a spending problem when you have a debt hanging on your neck and instead of settling it, you wish to satisfy your impulse.

2. You are addicted to shopping

If you always crave to go for shopping after a bad day, you might be having a spending problem (routestofinance)

Shopping is a lovely thing to do. Everyone likes it, but you don’t have to get addicted to it.

If you find yourself always craving to go on shopping to feel better, after a bad day, it becomes a problem you’ll need to fix.

Again, your spending problem also manifest when you shopping but end up buying more than you budget for. That is the wing on your money and the hole in your pocket

3. When you lose track of what you have

Another way to recognise your spending issue is when you find it hard to remember what you already own.

Take an inventory of your purchases, if you see many duplicates such as two or three same shoes, shirts or bags, there is a spending issue.

However, this could mean you are a zombie shopper because you buy some of those things as dictated by your impulse.



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