You Really Shouldn’t Get Married If You Can’t Agree On These


A lot of us might not be particularly enthusiastic about walking down the aisle and tying the knot but we’ll probably have a change of mind in the future.

When you finally meet that person who seems like they are the one and you begin to consider walking down the aisle, there are a few things you need to cross off your mental list. Like, do they put the toilet seat down when they finish using it or do they annoyingly act like they’re suffering from a terminal illness when really it’s just the flu?

While there may be some less important things that you can make concessions for there are some things that cannot be waved off so easily.


Some people are excellent at working on a budget and being economical with their expenses, while others seem to constantly have an empty pocket minutes after money descends in it. It’s crucial for couples that intend to get married that they sort out who handles finances, how they…



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