3 Easy Ways to Get that Guy to Pay Attention to You


OK, there’s no need to act holier-than-thou. We have all met one or two guys who caught our fancy and we hoped that they would only look our way and ask our name or at least, smile. Yet, they didn’t and then we were caught between making a move and sucking it up. If you decide to make a move, then here are 3 simple tips to get you on his radar.

1. Compliment his looks

There are many ways to get a man’s attention so you don’t have to resort to flaunting your assets. Complimenting his looks is a sure way to get him to look in your direction if you do it the right way.

It’s not about saying he is cute, his eyes are lovely or anything like that. Compliment aspects of his looks that he actually worked on e.g. his manicured nails, his shoes, his haircut etc.

2. Compliment his abilities

If he is a good singer, writer or basketball player etc., your compliment should not just stop there. Identify and applaud qualities that have made him stand out in that area. For example, it takes diligence to be a painter so work that into your compliment smoothly and he will remember and appreciate it more than any other compliment.

3. Appeal to his masculinity

He knows he is a man and so do you, but make him know that you not only know that but appreciate it as well. Quite a tongue twister but simple concept.

Tell him how much of a woman you feel like around him or how comforting his presence is. You may not like to play the damsel in distress routine and you don’t have to. You can say it flippantly but it will stick in his memory.

So, why don’t you go try these tips?



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