Why I killed so many Igbo’s in Biafra war, and will do it again – Buhari


The 1966 anti-Igbo pogrom was a series of massacres committed against Igbo people and other people of southern Nigerian origin living in northern [Nigeria] starting in May 1966 and reaching a peak after 29 September 1966.

These events led to the secession of the eastern Nigerian region and the declaration of the Republic of Biafra, which ultimately led to the Nigeria-Biafra war . The 1966 massacres of southern Nigerians have been described as a holocaust by “Greene -1975 . The Struggle for Secession 1966-70:

A Personal Account of the Nigerian Civil War by N. U. Akpan. The Nigerian Civil War 1967-70. The Royal African society in January 1975 and others have variously been described as genocide.



  1. Is any one stopping you keep on killing Igbo’s, we know all your plan.. Benue people also knows all your plan, so don’t worry Fulani President buhari. Noting is hiding under this sun ok


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