Do men find fat women attractive? Get the answer


The socially acceptable, expected answer is NO. It is not acceptable for men to like fat women and most would say they don’t. Many of them actually don’t like fat women, or at least anything beyond “curvy”.

Many others say they don’t like fat women because they are afraid to stand out, to have a socially unacceptable preference that gives them low status, but when it comes to action, they do pursue, sleep with and have relationships with fat women.

Proof? The two seriously obese women I have known have had no problems with getting men both for relationships (one went from a marriage to a relationship of almost 10 years, the other was more into shorter flings, but managed a six year relationship in the process), one night stands and FWB.

Sure, some were professed “chubby chasers” but others did not have that preference. They just didn’t mind chosing a fat woman as long as she was smart, active, dressed well and was (presumably) good in bed. And, in the case of one of them, a single handicap golfer. Unfortunately it was obvious that some of the men were still not comfortable showing their preference for a fat woman in public.



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