Igbo’s Should Leave Blood Money So That Our Nation Will Change, If We Obey God, Our Nation Will Change – Osinbajo


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo while addressing the congregation during a special Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja on Sunday, May 20.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has emphasised the importance of obedience to God’s word and instruction noting that they are essential for successful nation-building.

According to him, the church has its role to play in nation building. Creativity, innovation and hard work, according to him are also vital instruments which the church needs to focus on to move the nation forward.

He made this remark during a special Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja.

“It is the church that transforms everywhere. That creativity that God commanded us to do everywhere is what will change our nation. Our creativity, innovation and hard work, and this is a command. So if we obey God, our nation will change.

“There are many countries all over the world with huge resources and many other countries that have no resources. It is creativity that makes the difference,” he said.

Professor Osinbajo also asked the church to continue to emphasise the virtues of hard work and diligence particularly at a time when young Nigerians need guidance on understanding the meaning of true success.

“Sometimes when we hear what is being preached in churches it’s almost as if life is to be lived by miracles and that people don’t really need to put in any work.

“The reality is that true success is line by line, precept by precept, building block upon building block, hard work innovation, character, that’s the measure of true success and somebody has to teach that because that is what the church has always been known for.”



  1. Is that how you carry your own news? This is the worst and the most stupid news presentation I hv ever seen. Where did he mention blood money here? If you don’t know how to caption news items, just quit. Journalism is not for everybody.

  2. What a crap steatment from a toothless bulldog this is a useless stement is theApc leaders like that is allowing Dylan headmen to kill people in the church with out action

  3. Is osibanjo now a pastor? He said he’s a professor not a pastor so why is he addressing the church again, he failed everyone and even his buhari change is a dismay to the nation, nothing like bloody money because the rulers are bloody too

  4. A life of confession is a life of true peace that Jesus bring through his holy church.

    Demonic church dnt do confession to one another to make enough demons through life of secrecy.

    Priest say in celebration of the holy Eucharist during the holy mass
    my peace I bring , my peace I give to you, look not upon our sin but upon the faith of your church and grant us peace and unity of your kingdom ,where you live and reign forever.

    May we share the sign peace with one another.

    If we dnt find the kind of peace of Jesus we can never see Jesus.

    A peace where all the truth are shared in the open confession for souls to be saved from condemnation through his church.
    If Jesus gave account of his life we all must do the same because the mystery behind his death is hidden in our individual life history how we all overcame sin and embraces the life of holiness.
    God is the only island of knowledge no one person holds all the truth about the mystery of death of christ except you are God because his mystery is shared amongst us through in our life history that is why step to knowing christ begins with giving account of you life for lesson in the mystery of death of christ hidden in your life history will be made known to all to save souls.
    Everybody i meet along my life had a lesson they taught me about mystery of Jesus both those that hurt and those that where kind to me.
    So summarizing them all together in confession gave me the wealth of knowledge that I v and am sharing freely and knowing more from even those that criticise me and those that approve me.
    Do you critcise to learn or destroy what someone is building through a life of confession as Jesus thought with his life he hide nothing about himself from his birth to His death where fully accounted for that is how he want everyone of us to be accountable of our daily life.
    For it is by sharing our troubles with one another that we are spiritually empowered not by hiding away our challenges and making ourselves devil/demons.

    That is the faith of the catholic church behind idea of confession. Because nobody is an island of knowledge about the mystery behind the death of Jesus except God.

    Hidding your sin or shying away from giving account of your life will never give you peace like the devil will never find peace because his and author of secrecy but given account of your life is the beginning of the step to finding true peace the kind of peace Jesus gives that gives you an eternal life in his kingdom.

    Living your life knowing you account for them one day will making you scare away from sin or hurting another that way the human world will enjoy some peace and justice will reign and love will abound.


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