How to treat the girl you love and she will never stop loving you


It me a lot whenever I see a hurtsgood relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into my mind that most people don’t know how to maintain a relationship. So I have to say this.
Guys if you love a girl and you’re sure you love her, there are things you have to do to prove it:

1. Never push her to do the things, she doesn’t want to do.

2. Always try to listen carefully to her, and understand her.

3. Try to give her space to develop, herself as a person.

4. Take very good care of her, in every possible way.

5.Try to call or text her, it goes a long way to remind her, that you are thinking about her.

6. Try to help her in every way you can.

7. Always worry about how she feels about things, worry about how she sees the world, try to get to know about her goals, and understand why she lives her life the way she does.

8. Try to trust her, now I know this may be hard especially if you have trust issues, but if you love a girl you should be able to trust her.

9. Try complimenting her, believe me it hurts a girl when the guy that claims he loves her, can’t tell her she is beautiful. I mean you see her in a new dress and you just walk away, that’s really bad.

10. If you love a girl you’d accept her the way she is, you won’t try to change her. You would love her for who she is today and not for what will be tomorrow, and you would feel blessed to have her by your side.
Girls, you also have a great part to play in a relationship, if you love that guy then:



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