Breaking: first Ebola outbreak hit Nigeria, affected person escaped hospital


Measures are in place to curtail spread of Ebola in Nigeria — WHO

The World Health Organisation has assured Nigerians that all measures are being put in place to curtail the Ebola virus should it find its way into the country.

The WHO country director, Wondi Alemu, at a Health for All walk in Abuja on Saturday said though there is risk that Ebola might resurface again in Nigeria, enough mechanism have been put in place to curtail the effect.

Mr Alemu said the agency was doing all its best to make the country curtail the Ebola virus.

There has been a scare that the Ebola outbreak which has been ravaging the Democratic Republic of Congo might spread to Nigeria.

So far, 23 deaths are believed to have been caused by the disease in the DRC.

Ebola, like other infectious diseases, has a tendency of spreading across borders through human migration.

In 2014, the disease was imported to Nigeria through a Liberian diplomat who flew to Nigeria in an attempt to go to the U.S after contacting the disease in Liberia.

Mr Alemu said they were collaborating with the Federal Ministry of health and the National Centre for disease control to ensure necessary precautions are made to prevent Ebola in the country.

Speaking further, Mr Alemu urged all Nigerians to take part in regular exercise, as it will help in creating a healthy lifestyle.

“The walk for health will be a continuous exercise. We are calling on all Nigerians to engage in exercise on a personal basis, which should at least be done for three times in a week so as to achieve universal health for all in the country,” he said.

Mr Alemu said the walk for health was an opportunity to personalise the mandate of the Universal health coverage .

“This is a new beginning and we are calling on all Nigerians to take preventive measures to promote their health.”

In her remark, the Founder of the Well Being Foundation and wife of the senate president, Toyin Saraki, said the walk was aimed at achieving universal health for all .

“The well being Foundation is pleased to partner with the world health organisation so as to achieve the universal health coverage for all.”

Mrs Saraki commended the effort the WHO is taking in curtailing the Ebola outbreak in DRC.

“In Nigeria, we are fully sensitised, but we still have to improve in terms of border surveillance to monitor those coming in and going out of the country.

“We can’t guarantee that Ebola will come into Nigeria or not, but we should take enough preventive measures,” she said.

Mrs Saraki also advised Nigerians to follow the advisory given out by NCDC in curtailing Ebola in Nigeria.

She also charged Nigerians to maintain high level of hygiene both in schools,and in public places.



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