Breaking News! Senate passes bill, Ban police from arresting Nigerians until IG Obey the Senate call


If President Buhari and the Nigerian Senate cannot call Ibrahim Idris to order, who can?

Ibrahim Idris
The war of attrition between the Nigerian senate and the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris is getting messier and it is time President Buhari intervenes before it is too late.


The democracy we practice consist of three arms of Government; the executive, legislative and judiciary and while each arm performs unique functions and has special powers within the government doesn’t mean any arm is more elevated than the other. They are all equal, or at least they should be.

This is what our appointed officers at the executive arm need to know before we destroy all the institutions of Governance in the country. The flagrant abuse of orders and directives from the legislative arm by appointees of the executive needs to be checked. It started with the comptroller general of customs, then it proceeded to the Acting Chairman of EFCC and now we are dealing with the same mess from the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.

All three men have either outright refused to honour invitations to appear before the Nigerian senate or have appeared but performed acts that could be interpreted as insubordination, or worse, outright treason. The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, while described by the president as a man of integrity has a funny way of showing that integrity. The President cannot stay aloof while his appointees engage in acts of disobedience to the legislative arm. His silence will be interpreted as consent to the actions of his subordinates and contempt of the executive.

The Nigerian Senate is an integral and important arm of government that should be protected from any act of official recklessness as being displayed by the IGP , this is not about Bukola Saraki or Ekweremadu, its about protecting the sanctitiy of the Senate.

Saraki will go but the Senate will remain. For the President to stay aloof while his appointed officials choose to disregard the Senate is a bad omen, our democracy is still at its nascent stage, lets protect it.



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