Four things you should never say to a policeman


Traffic police on duty [Photo/]

Being a policeman is not easy. Police men should be respected. There are several things we do wrong when we are being questioned by police men.

Here are 4 things you should never say to a policeman.

1. “I pay your salary”

Policemen do not feel good when you tell them that you are the one paying their salaries. Although it is a fact, there is no need to tell him. Such a statement will only land you in jail for no reason.

2. “I’ll slap you,”

How do you start fighting someone who secures you? Police are also out there to take care of us and earn a living. Do good if you want to be in good terms with police.

3. “That budge means nothing to me,”

Police deserve respect. Telling him the budge means nothing is a mistake. He was given the authority and you cannot water everything down like that.

4.“You and who else is taking me to jail?”

Police are good people. Do not assume that every time he questions you he wants to get you jail. Police are in charge of maintaining law and order. Understand that they also mean well in everything they do.


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