Clash Averted, As Two Trucks Fully Loaded With Thousands Of Fulani Herdsmen, Disguised In Top South-South State, Get Chased Away Immediately


Tension has engulfed Yala and Ogoja Local Government Areas of Cross River State, following the arrival of two trucks loaded with Fulani herdsmen.

The Youths Leader of Okuku, in Yala Local Government Area of the State, Joseph Odey Owonah, said that the Fulanis came into the communities in two trucks loaded to the brim.

He explained that the migrants, especially women and children, distributed themselves into various bushes in the areas, scaring the people the more.

“Fulanis came into our towns in two long trailers, entered and distributed themselves into bushes around. The youths of Okuku and Ogoja summed up courage and drove them away.

“We escorted them up to the boundary of Benue State. We resisted their stay here. They were much, over a thousand,

especially children and women. It appeared as if they were driven out of where they were staying, and they came to take solace here.

“The trailers they came with were covered with tapoline, such that it was difficult to note that they are human beings”, he said.
According to him: “The new Fulanis will make life difficult and hostile for us to continue living in Ogoja peacefully, because it is possible they were driven from wherever they came from.

“I am calling on the people of Ogoja, residing at home, to remain vigilant against possible invasion into Ogoja or its environs. We will not accommodate Fulanis who will come and cause chaos, or give our people sleepless nights. We will not condone any act of forceful invasion into our territory or neighbourhood.

“We will resist them in our numbers, and will not allow them to stay, not anytime soon.”



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