How wicked politicians cooked up lies against Jonathan, kicked him out of Office – Umahi


Ebonyi state governor, Chief David Umahi yesterday revealed how politicians cooked up lies against the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan and kicked him out of office.

Umahi made this known while briefing journalists in Abakaliki shortly after the inauguration of a 500 meters road project that leads to Christ Embassy church, located along old Abakaliki-Enugu road.

The governor, represented by his SSA on road maintenance and infrastructure, Chief Ali Odefa said the nation’s economy had become so bad and Nigerians are suffering, lamenting that people failed to vote in 2015.

According to him: “The country is passing through economic recession and the economy of the country is so bad. Despite this, the governor is still doing a lot of projects in the state, even other governors still wonder how he is getting money to do all these projects that are ongoing in the state.

“Things are very bad. These things happened because some of you didn’t vote. But, if you will come out now to vote in 2019, then we will be able to vote in people that we want. When you vote in right people, you will be happy. But, when you don’t vote and allow them to vote in those people that we don’t want then, everything will go wrong. Nobody in Nigeria that does not know that there is a great change in the land of Ebonyi state.

“Because, if you allow wicked politicians to kick us out, then you don’t know the Pharoh that may come and that person may not be a child of God and then you will start regretting. It happened in 2015 when people cooked a lot of lies against Jonathan, a good man.

“Some said, change him. He is too weak. He is clueless and this and that. All of us including Christians folded our hands and allowed them to vote out a good man. Today everybody is crying. If you sleep and wake up the next day, you will thank God. If you are driving, cow’s will not allow you to pass. And this never happened before.

Umahi further appealed to the people to go and obtain their permanent voters card, so that in 2019, they can vote for the right people.

“In 2019, INEC will not count on your best wishes and comment about our government. What INEC will count, is your votes. If you are here and you have not gotten your voters card, you are not doing us any good. What you have to do is to get your voters card, so that in 2019 you will come out and appreciate us with your votes.

“I have been mandated to go round the churches in the state and to find out roads that leads to churches which are bad. The governor wants to construct all roads that lead to churches, so that people can ply on good roads while going to worship their God.

“Every administration normally come with its own inadequacy, no one is perfect, but I believe that where we got it right is more than where we got it wrong. We want to appeal to you to accept the way we are. By 2019, vote for us and tell one another to also vote for us. And when you do so, we will be able to touch other churches that we have not been able to reach” He added.



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