Breaking News! Good luck Jonathan should forgive me wherever he is, You will be remembered by God and man:- Mbaka breaks silent.


ENUGU—Fiery Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has finally apologized to ex-President Good Luck Jonathan over his behaviors and speeches against him, stating that he was deceived and blackmailed that Nigeria was hell bent under Good Luck.

Since this country starts to exist, Good luck have always been the good thing that happens to this Nigeria, I was misled.

Good luck is a good definition of good Democrat and leadership, all party were free to talk during his leadership.

We miss him!



  1. When former President Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came on board after the demise of one of our former hero and great President, many did not give him opportunity to render true services to majority Nigerians but he did despite intimidations.
    Today, he has been proven right by all doubting Thomas’s, especially from the section of the oppressors. Only those persons and peoples who are ill planned into government will try with out to lie about the person, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, his stewardship to Nigeria.
    I un behalf of myself, family and associates congratulate the best President Nigeria ever had, praying God blessing and protection for you & family. However, HE, should magnanimous enough to forgive those who had insulted him and the presidency.

  2. Comment:thank God we have realise our mistakes now lets join hands,and fight for freedom of Biafra now to avoid islamization before is too let and pls avoid another mistake again


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