Michelle Obama Just Dropped Disgusting Insult To America About Having Been ‘Forced’ To Live In White House


“Freedom! I’m out!” This feeling of freedom for most Americans is mutual after Michelle has left the White House.

It was said with a smile, with the tone of relief usually heard only from released prisoners of war or hostages.
But it was obvious that the speaker – the former First Lady of the United States – considers herself on the same par with those who are held against their will and suffer at the hands of their captors.

It is a position few women have been fortunate to fill, serving their country as a hostess to foreign dignitaries, curator of the White House and role model, but to the wife of the 45th president, Barack Obama, it was a sentence to be served and a burden to be borne.

Mrs. Obama was praised in liberal circles for what they called her “candid, unfiltered comments” about life in the White House under “the harshest and biggest lights.”

She spoke out when she was invited to a technology conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While Ms. Obama enjoyed the benefits of living in the Executive Mansion with an extensive staff, traveling the world on Air Force One and mingling with the most powerful and often the most glamorous people in the world, she seemed only able to summon negative memories about her eight years as the first lady.

“It’s like being shot out of a cannon while drinking from a fire hydrant blind.”

She moaned about having servants who took care of stocking the family residence and serving as her kitchen staff.

“You have to tell The White House what kind of toilet paper you like. You don’t know where your forks are.”
Ms. Obama even complained about the 20-car security detail that accompanied her and the former president to parent-teacher conferences, and requests by other parents and teachers for photographs at school sporting events.
Oh, the horror.

Mrs. Obama even missed the irony of her complaint that First Daughters Malia and Sasha had Secret Service protection at their proms and on first dates – something most moms and dads might appreciate.



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