Nigeria is not working,Just let the separation be peaceful, Igbos/Hauses are incompatible-CCB tells Nigerian.


The concerned citizens of Biafra has condemned the verbal assault of the president Buhari to it’s citizens in London yesterday telling a group of foreigners that Nigerian youths are lazy illiterates who do nothing and who expect to be given everything for free.

The group also begged the president Buhari led-administration to heed to the cry of the Biafrans and separate the country, outlining the root causes of the problem Hauses and Igbos as irreconcilable and incompatible.

During World War 11, the Nigerian contingent to Burma could not be bivouacked in the same barracks block. They were separated between North and South. Irreconcilable incompatibility.

Culturally, incompatible.
Socially, incompatible.
Educationally, incompatible.
Leadership style, incompatible.
Religion, irreconcilably incompatible.
Political outlook, incompatible.
Marriage, incompatible.
Industry, incompatible.
Human endeavour, incompatible.
Neighborliness, incompatible.
Sexual behavior, oh, incompatible.
Governmental systems, feudal vs Republican, incompatible.
Perception, incompatible.
History, seriously incompatible.
Food, incompatible.
Our God, their god, incompatible.
And so on.

The only way we can be together is by force, which cannot be sustained.

How many of us can you kill? The more you kill, the more you radicalize us.

Just let the separation be peaceful and subsequently beneficial.

Let them kill me, but let my children be free,let them kill my children, but let their children be free.

That is the battle before the Igbo man in our fight for emancipation, the parentage of any Igbo that does not understand this is doubtful.



  1. IPOB, should link with Russia, Putin will lead us out at any cost, because If that Ojukwo have related to Russia, i hope that he will still be alive with Biafra freedom by now, because westerners killing Africans by diplomatic way and camouflaging that they are helping us, that’s why Biafra’s is living in bondage since 1960 till now and westerners knows all the cost and keep silent socking Biafra’s Oil with Muslims called Nigerian and used church blackmail Igbo’s and other Biafra’s Land


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