JUST IN: Nigerian Soldiers Mentioned, As Latest Update Emerges On The Whereabouts Of Top Northern Senator Held Hostage By Hundreds Of Angry Protesters


A team of Soldiers serving in Talasse town, in Balanga Local Government Area of Gombe State, have finally freed Senator Joshua Lidani, representing Gombe South, who was held hostage by protesters.

According to Premium Times, the Senator was forced to take refuge in the residence of the Traditional Ruler of Talasse, after irate youth from the area accosted him.

One witness said they sought to “ask him some questions”.

One of the protesters, who identified himself as a Youth Leader, revealed that after the protesters forced the Police to retreat to a distance to avoid confrontation, Soldiers were called.

“Even the Soldiers were at first confronted by the protesters, when they arrived and sought to free the Senator”, he said.

He also said sensing danger, the Soldiers began to fire indiscriminately into the air, forcing the protesters to disperse in different directions.

The Youth Leader said Lidani’s car “is still parked where he left it, and I do not know how he intends to pick it later, unless if he has given it to the Emir”.



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