ENEMY OF THE BIAFRANS: Obama and his deep hatred of Biafra on full display


It’s outlandish how friends become enemies and enemies become friends on this in-depth video about Obama’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Biafra. Once you see it all together, the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place.

If Biafra made mistakes, Obama purposefully and consciously acted antagonistically towards Biafra.

The fact that his hostile behavior towards Biafra and his supportive attitude towards the Nigerians produced more terror and violence was irrelevant to him. It seems that Obama was trying to gain the approval of the Muslim countries by riding on Biafra’s back.

Obama, who appeared so supportive of Biafra before he entered office, made a strategy change the day he stepped into the White House. And he’s been following that dangerous game plan ever since.

It is obvious that Obama’s behavior went beyond just a strategic decision. In an infantile way he began publicly shaming Biafra and the Biafra leaders in every way he could.

One could barely call this type of behavior judicious, or even rational. Obama seemed to be governed by emotion and hatred. He seemed to be trying to take revenge or punish Biafra for reason that is incomprehensible.

And his actions as Ex-president have unmasked his supportive words of his candidacy.



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