Igbo group calls for stoppage of Ohanaeze planned LGA election


The association of Indi Eze Ndi Igbo, Lagos State branch has appealed to the national headquarters of Ohanaeze to stop the planned local government election into the union in Lagos State slated for 24th of March, 2017.

In a communiqué, after a meeting of Ndi Eze Ndi Igbo Lagos branch at Festac extension, jointly signed by all the Ezes and released to the press by the group Secretary, Eze Jhon Greg Ezebuadi, the association noted that the forms currently being sold were without serial numbers and may be difficult to verify, while advocating that the process of sale of forms for election into Ohanaeze should be improved upon.

The association, appealed that the structure of Ohanaeze in the state, local government area, (LGA) and local council development area (LCDA) should not be tampered with for the future sustainability and existence of the group, while stressing that executive membership of the group was not for all comers affairs.

The release urged the committee from the national headquarters in Enugu to maintain its neutrality and not side on any of the matters.

The Indi Eze Ndi Igbos said it was instructive that respect should be accorded Indi-Eze in Lagos, due to the seniority structure established in the state, starting with Eze Ohazulike who is the recognised Eze Indi Igbo of Lagos State.

“Ndi Eze noted that the process of the sale of forms needs to be improved upon. While Ndi Eze noted that the dissolution of the state LGA LCDA and Ohanaeze executive councils, Eze insists that the structure of Ohanaeze in all of these areas should not be tampered with in the order to ensure the continued sustainability and existence of Ohanaeze because they have been relating with over the years.

“It is the position of Ndi Eze that in relating with Ndi Eze in Lagos State and in communicating with them, respect must be given to seniority structure established in the state beginning with Eze Nwabueze Ohazulike (OON) EZ Ndi Igbo Lagos State.”

Ndi Eze insists that the contestant to various positions in the LGA should have the consent of their Ezes, Ezes in the LGAs know their members because they have been relating with them over the years.”



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