Christ Embassy founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has good news for LoveWorld USA TV Viewers.


   Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known far and wide for his Christ Embassy, which aims to spread the Word of God to peoples across the land. It connects churches in a network and is founded and run by a dedicated team of passionate Christians. The ultimate goal is to unite people from every country together through the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and spirituality and happiness.   But Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently partnered up with Pastor Benny Hinn to bring the world the wholesome, Christian channel LoveWorld USA TV. This channel provides sermons, children’s programming, and Christian-friendly shows to their viewers.

    In a recent announcement, it was said that as of March 1st, the TV channel of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – LoveWorld would be switching to Verizon. This move was not made lightly and was carefully considered by the same dedicated teams that help put it together.   The idea to switch to Verizon was hatched when they looked into how they could better serve and expand their audience. Switching to Verizon allows their audience to watch on their schedules. They can go out and about, travel, and work – all while checking in on their favorite LoveWorld programs.   It also comes with a huge boost in the already amazing lineup. In addition to their regular sermons and shows, they will be adding even more. And the children’s lineup is in for a huge expansion! LoveWorld is already packed with quality shows, but they will be adding even more.

    The aim is to teach young minds the Word of God in engaging, interesting ways and to keep their adult audience on the right path.   If you don’t have access to Verizon or cable – don’t worry! You can still enjoy the live stream of LoveWorld USA TV at their official website: You can also stay in touch with other like-minded Christians and all the latest news and events via BLW (Believers’ LoveWorld)!  



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