Uti Nwachukwu explains why he stopped going out with Alex Ekubo


Media personality, Uti Nwanchukwu has opened up on his relationship with his rumoured gay partner and Actor, Alex Ekubo.

Uti who was a guest on the Channels TV’s rubbin’ minds show, explained that the relationship was part of his passion of giving back to the society as they went everywhere together so he could help give Alex the exposure his talents deserved.

There had been rumours about the hidden motive of their relationship and he wondered why “many Nigerians” would complain that celebrities were not using their status to help others; and when they do, there would also be suspicion about them being in involved in amorous relationships.

“In Nigeria, a lot of people feel that you cannot give someone so much without getting something back in return; which is most likely sex,” he said.
He referred to the speculations as “very ridiculous, but of course it didn’t affect the relationship. We would sit back and laugh because me I know my friend, I know say him like woman well well, and he knows me as a very disciplined man but I like women.”

Uti further threw some light on his recent activities which includes music.
Although, he refused to rate himself as a musician, Uti noted that he grew up with his multiple talents, and has enjoyed the new experience because of the reaction it drew from many fans, as they were mostly shocked that he could sing.

Uti also put out some harsh words for his critics who have tagged him as fame conscious. He noted that he had no reason to allow anonymous comments affect him. He said: “My skill is to serve serious minded people, or in layman’s terms, people that have sense. I don’t work because I want to entertain daft or dull people.

“You have to be extremely mentally challenged to take an anonymous comment seriously. Serious people would actually come to you and I have not met any serious person that has abused me to say ‘why are you everywhere’?”
When asked to talk about his love life, he plainly said “There is someone in my life, but we have not given our relationship a name yet”



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