Hope at last! Twins born with their heads fused to undergo life-changing surgery after help arrives


– Twin boys who were born with their skulls joined set to undergo major surgery

– Government has offered to help since the parents could not raise the money

– Initial scans have revealed each of the twins has his own brain
Hope has come at last for two-year-old Indian twins who were born with their heads fused at the tip of their skulls. Orissa state government has offered to pay for their surgery.

According to their father, Pushpanjali Kanhar, the boys were born on 9th March 2015. He tried to have them separated, but his family is poor and couldn’t afford surgery.

“When they were born, I looked for medical intervention everywhere. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t raise the money needed for the surgery. I lost hope and painfully watched them grow with their heads joined,” he says.
Orissa state government has confirmed they will assist. Photo: Cover Asia Press/Sadasib Patra

The family is expected to meet medical specialists from All India Institute of Medical Sciences hospital for more consultations.
The family will stay with their boys while doctors analyse their condition and decide if surgery is possible. Photo:

Cover Asia Press/Sadasib Patra
Initial scans reportedly revealed that the little brothers are only joined at the skulls; otherwise each of them has his own brain.

“We call them Craniopagus twins, meaning they have separate brains but are joined at the skull,” says Dr Swapneshwar Gadnayak, Chief District Medical Officer, Kandhamal.
This, according to the doctor, is good news in Honey and Sing’s case.

Pushpanjali Kanhar, 25, (top right) feeds Honey (bottom left) and Singh (bottom right) while her husband Bhuan Kanhar, 30, (top left) looks on. Photo: Cover Asia Press/Sadasib Patra

“We have had similar cases that have successfully been solved through surgery and the kids lived. The story would be different if the twins had fused brains,” says Dr Gadnayak.

From the look of things, Honey and Singh will soon be playing with their fellow kids as individuals and not conjoined twins. All they need is your prayers.

Kanhar, 30, carries his twin sons Honey (right) and Singh (left) at his residence in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, India.Photo: Cover Asia Press/Sadasib Patra.



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