Zidora Travel and Tours launches Travel Club


In demonstration of its commitment to deliver superior and innovative travel and tours services, leading global tours service provider, Zidora Travel and Tours has announced the launch of its travel club.

This initiative, according to the Managing Director/CEO, Dr. Arinze Fortune Madueke, comes with a lot of benefits tailored to meet the travel needs of every member.

Zidora travel club is designed to offer high-quality and first of its kind travel solutions to its club members. One special features of the travel club, highlighted by Zidora’s Travel and tours CEO, Dr.

Arinze Fortune Madueke is that club members have three options of membership open to them.

The three categories of membership come with exciting benefits for its members. Join the Zidora travel club today and enjoy:

1. Free visa process to any country.

2. Up to 75 PERCENT discount on all our services.

3. Free airport drop off and pick up.

4. Free airport and embassy protocol.

5. Zidora club travel kit

6. Monthly newsletter

7. Access to govt grants

8. Study abroad and scholarship opportunities.

9. Access to zidora travel resources.

10. Free accommodation in any part of the world and airport pick up.

11. Visit, financial and other support on all occasions.

12. Free travel sim

13. BTA/PTA assistance

14.Acess to soft loan



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