‘If we can’t maintain aircraft, let’s use witchcraft to fly’ – Nigerian Senator Anyanwu


Sam Anyanwu, senator representing Imo east, says if aircraft cannot be properly maintained, witchcraft should be used as a means to fly.

Anyanwu said this on Tuesday while contributing to a debate on the need to minimise air mishaps in the country.

The senator asked government to pay more attention to the aviation sector.

“It is shameful that Nigeria does not have any national carrier. I think every responsible government should look at this issue. If the aircraft cannot be maintained, let’s use witchcraft and start flying. That is the truth,” Anyanwu said.

“Where is our national carrier? The government should look at the airline sector. Foreigners don’t come here (Nigeria) because it is not safe. Government should pay attention to the sector.”

He said the federal government may give bailout funds to the airlines to enhance their operations.

On her part, Stella Oduah, senator representing Anambra north, said the problem with the aviation sector is funding.

Oduah said government should provide the requisite fund to the sector at a single digit rate.

“The problem is funding, you need money to train and maintain aircraft,” she said.

“The issue is why is the [safety] protocol is not followed. The first person who has the responsibility to avoid any incident is the pilot.”



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