Why I don’t take my wife to events – Ramsey Nouah


Nollywood Actor, Ramsey Nouah has revealed why his wife of 14 years, rarely accompanies him to social events.

While speaking to journalists at the premiere of the 30 days in Atlanta movie which held recently, he claimed her absence was to balance the equation to avoid them both being in the spotlight.
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“I have a very beautiful wife who understands me and understands my profession. We both have an understanding of how to actually deal with things; the showbiz life, with people who go around destroying your family rather than helping it. So, we are compatible like that. That is why we have that good union.

It is part of the reason that is how we actually balance the equation, we try not to be all up in everybody face, everybody now knows my family and they can say this about her and about me that’s the beautiful way to actually keep it. We are 14-years in marriage and we are still going and I love that.” He stated.

When asked why he hasn’t embraced politics like his Nollywood counterparts, he said: “ I think they are looking out for changes, movie as you can tell, talks about the ills in the society, talks about problems that we find down the street; matrimonial problems either health problems, cancer, abandoned children.

All these things we find in our society that we talk about in our movies. And some of our artistes are beginning to see that they can actually be a servant of the people to help rectify those things because they know their pain, so they are thinking we can go”



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