Imo 2019: Confrontation Heightens Between Catholic Church, Gov Okorocha (Video)


A video of riotous situation in a Catholic Church in Imo state has gone viral on social media. It is also on YouTube. Also, a voice note explaining what transpired has been, and is still being, circulated on social media platforms.

Before these two went viral, information had it that Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most reverend Anthony J.V. Obinna, had escaped being lynched in the hands of an All Progressives Congress (APC) mob which moved in on him as he preached at a funeral service during which he condemned the governance of Imo state by Governor Rochas Okorocha.

Insinuations were that the mob attacked Archbishop Obinna at the instance of the governor’s son-in-law and his Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu, who was present in church alongside his mother-in-law, Nkechi Okorocha.

But a priest who witnessed the event, disclosed that indeed, a riotous mob consisting of persons who support Okorocha, APC and his Son-in-Law, interrupted the Archbishop as he preached, but he was not attacked physically.

According to the eyewitness, the event took place at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Ngwoma Obube in Imo state. It was a funeral service for the late faithful whose daughter is a Reverend Sister. It was said that the funeral mass had progressed very well and the Archbishop addressed the faithful towards the end of the mass.

He was said to have used the opportunity to speak truth to power and pointed out the disaster which governance in the state had become under the watchful eyes of Okorocha.

Archbishop Obinna also used the opportunity to call on the faithful to secure their voter’s cards in readiness to send the APC government of Okorocha packing.

He was also said to have told Okorocha’s son-in-law that he was not ripe to lead Imo state given the damage, poverty and hunger, his father-in-law had wrought on people of the state with uncompleted projects, non-payment of salaries and pensions, bad roads, lack of pipe borne water and other social amenities.

In fact, Obinna was said to have reminded Uche Nwosu and his mother-in-law that the road they drove on to the funeral service was a 10km road built by Chief Alex Mbata, son of the deceased.

The eyewitness reckons that it was at this point that an APC member and an Uche Nwosu-For-Governor campaigner stood up to challenge the Archbishop reminding him that Okorocha had excelled in the governance of Imo state.



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