​Man shot dead while testing a bullet-proof vest


 Man shot dead while testing a bullet-proof vest
A party in the Heights turned deadly early Sunday morning, but police say this fatal shooting has a bizarre twist. Houston police were called to an incident at 300 W. 23rd and Rutland Street around 1:30 a.m.

The Police in Houston, Texas, say a man who put on a bulletproof vest at a party has been killed after another man attending the party fired a shot at him.

Police are searching for the man who fired the fatal shot early Sunday.

Investigators say forensics tests will determine if the gunshot went through the vest or struck an uncovered area.

Houston Homicide Sgt. Mark Hollbrook said while it’s unusual for people to put on body armor and play with guns at a party, “these things happen sometimes.”

Hollbrook added;

The name of the victim hasn’t been immediately disclosed, while the police believe about six to eight people were attending the party.


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