Your lies are no longer marketable, Tunde replies Buhari


Reactions keep pouring in following the unabated blame games from the ruling party for the past 3 years.

With 2019 elections seemingly around the corner, Nigerians expected the APC government to quit pointing fingers and start being proactive in its dealings, as it seek to win over the trust of Nigerians. However, from the look of things, APC is certainly not ready to change itself.

In a more recent reports, Lai Mohammed accused the past administration of Goodluck Jonathan, of being timid when Chibok girls were abducted. But of course, the former president fired back quickly.

Shortly afterward, the President (Buhari) took his turn to attack the past administration saying “Trucks of fertilizers kept going missing” under Jonathan’s watch.

Well while we await another slingshot from the opposite direction to counter Buhari’s claims, Nigerians seem not to be buying APC’s lies anyway.

Tunde Tunde, shared what he thinks of Buhari’s latest shot in a comment:

Will APC change? Time shall tell.



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