WOW! Student Who Built A ‘Water Bicycle’ Offered Full Scholarship


A viral photo of a man riding on a “Water Bicycle’ on the ocean surfaced some few weeks back and it all looks like his talent has eventually paid off as his University has offered him full scholarships to further his studies.

Frank Darko became an internet sensation after he was spotted riding on his invention on different water bodies across Ghana and he has been applauded by many inventing the special bicycle.

Frank Darko, who is already a final year student of Takoradi Technical University has been offered a full scholarship by the school. This scholarship was not just given because of his talent but in addition on the grounds that he deferred his education as a result of lack of cash.

The distinct innovation grew to be known by the world after BBC decided to feature the man and his invention on their website.

Darko later revealed that he was inspired by the plight of some students who needed to swim before getting to college. So he invented the “water bicycle”.
He said:

“I was watching a documentary some years back and that i noticed institution kids swimming through a river before going to tuition. So, I told myself, what can i do to help these youngsters and that i began pondering. Sooner or later, I was in a position to provide you with this proposal”.

Nevertheless, his exploits appeared to have rather impressed the management of the Takoradi Technical institution, who have decided to award him a full scholarship.



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