I’m Done With Cee-c, Tobi Told Miracle and Nina


Some of the Big Brother Naija Housemates are finding it difficult to adapt to the lifestyle of their partners in the game.

Tobi who started an Up-Down relationship with Cee-c. The both have always finds it difficult to understand each other, as quarrel and fight was the only resultant from the said relationship between Tobi and Cee-c.

Recently, fans of Tobi were upsets by the level of control from Cee-c, which they think it will ruin Tobi’s chance of winning the Big Brother Naija Prize.

Tobi had finally moved on to face the game proper and not the relationship that is not working. Tobi recently realised that he actually came for the game and not love , after getting Alex as new strategic partner in the Big Brother Naija House.

The problem seems to be lingering as it involves Miracle. But Miracle was not pleased with Cee-c’s attack and quickly told her not to see himself as Tobi.
In last night’s discussion between Tobi, Miracle and Nina, Tobi clearly stated ‘I’m Done With Cee-c’.



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