Governor wike ‘collapse: Video shows Governor wike ‘fainting’ and rushed away to hospital


Governor wike has been rushed away from the Port Harcourt Government House in Rivers as he was feeling unwell.

A video shows the Governor stumbling and being carried into a van, with aides and security guards on either side.

As he is being helped towards the vehicle, he appears to sink towards the ground, and his team gather closely around him to help him back up.

His spokes man said in a statement that Governor wike became “overheated” and left the Government house early.

The news comes shortly after right-wing commentators including president Buhari accused him of being unable to govern Rivers well.
Ex governor Amaechi, who flattered Governor wike, also questioned the Governors  health, pointing out his “blinking” and exaggerated head movements as he spoke to reporters.

Governor wike, who recently released a letter detailing his health, suffered concussion in 2012 after a stomach virus, but he was reported as back to full health afterwards.

Ex Governor Amaechi also claimed to have released a letter on his health, but the credibility of the letter was widely disputed.

More details soon


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