​France Closes 3 Mosques. And What They Find Inside Is VERY Concerning…


After the latest Paris terror attack, French President Hollande swore he’d go after radical Muslims who pulled off the mass slayings.

Now, we’re learning what he meant by that.

As HotAir reports:

“[T]he French have kicked in the doors on 2,235 homes and taken 232 people into custody or placed them on house arrest.”
In the sleepy French town of Lagny-sur-Marne, just 18 miles from Paris …
French police went to the local mosque where they found:

The Salafist mosque in Lagny-sur-Marne, about 30km east of the French capital was closed down by police on 2 December. In subsequent raids the prefect for the Seine-and-Marne department said “7.62mm ammunition for a Kalashnikov rifle and propaganda videos” had been seized, AFP reported. The locations of the raids was not given.

Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda adhere to the radical Sunni Salafist Muslim teachings. Radicals used some mosques and other home-based, un-permitted “mosques” to stockpile weapons.

Here are the raids by the numbers:

3 mosques closed

2,235 homes/buildings/mosques raided

232 people busted

9 on house arrest
22 barred from leaving France
334 weapons of “war” found
Jihadist tracts recovered from mosques
Jihadist videos
7.62mm ammo
Kalishnikov rifles
Some wonder how long these arsenals



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