​Until You Start To Respect And recognize Us as your Elders Biafra Will Not Come, Change Our Name From Ohanaeze-Oshi To Ohanaeze-Ndigbo – Ohanaeze speaks out in anger 


We cannot keep on keeping mute about the current situation and agitation for Biafra Republic, we are never against the struggle, and we cannot be, because that is the peoples wish.

But the person channelling the struggle never sees their elders as anything even if we go wrong and say wrongly, we have always believed that together this struggle will be achieved and Biafra restored.

He “NNAMDI KANU” have gain the trust of masses, and we don’t have any problem with that, we don’t have any problem with him or are we standing against Biafra, But our only problem is that our dignity and respect was abused by them.


  1. if they want Respect they should respect them self first by stopping their Evil cheating corruption mind and activities they are doing against our Biafra. they have to support Him but they went and collect back hand shut up Bribe and close their month forgetting in Future when they will go their children will also suffer the pain ,intimidation maltreat and all the bad evil things they did.
    what ever you people call yourself if you do good good name will follow you and your generation but if you do bad bad will follow you and your generation Remember God is watching and he is the re-warder of all work by men

  2. So this fools are not even ashamed, to openly made it know that they are even against their own and generations freedom?
    It shows why all of them need to be gathered and sent to a journey of no return, because they have proved their stand that using the vile jihadist killers to keep violence on their people! We do not need further prove of these vultures and their children!


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